What To Look For In An Academic Institution

As a parent, nothing is more satisfying than seeing our children achieve their dreams and become successful once they grow up. However, we must always keep in mind that our kid’s education plays a significant role in ensuring their success in their future. Thus, as a parent, we must always make an effort and as much as possible, send them to institutions that are notable for their ability to provide quality education for children.


On the lighter note, academic institutions are always there, and we can definitely count on them in terms of providing quality education to our children. Now, if you are one of the many people who are still wondering what to look for in an academic institution, allow us to share some factors to consider when looking for a reliable and dependable school for our children.

Safe & Clean Environment

It goes without saying that no parent would want to send their kids to a school with a hostile environment. Hence, when looking for a school, always put an emphasis on the institution’s environment. In addition, the school’s environment will play a significant role in the growth and development of the child. Thus, always ensure that the school you choose has a safe and clean environment.

Child-Friendly Facilities

An ideal learning institution must comply with the safety standards set by the governing body. Thus, to avoid accidents, always ensure that the school facilities are child-friendly.

Committed Employees

adsadasIdeally, this is the first factor that you must consider. After all, the growth and development of your child depend on the people around him or her. Thus, prior to deciding which school to choose, always ensure that the employees especially the teachers are committed to providing exceptional service to the children.

Academic Curriculum

One of the biggest factors to consider is the academic system that the institution is practicing. We might not realize it, but each school is following an academic curriculum, and our child’s growth and development will depend on the curriculum that the institution is following. Thus, before even starting to look for a school, you must study and determine what academic system you want for your child.

Safety & Security

One of the factors that you must always consider when looking for a school is how systematic they are in terms of security protocols. Always ensure that the institution has substantial equipment that will help them with their preventive measures. As much as possible, the school should have CCTV monitors, metal scanners, and biometric scanners.

Healthy Diet

Another thing to consider is the meals that the institution is offering to your child. Always ensure that the institution only serves healthy and nutritious meals to the kids. In addition, they must always maintain a clean kitchen.


SPIMED-IC2 – Imagerie Cardiaque en Coupes


Le SPIMED – IC² est devenu LE rendez-vous annuel des spécialistes de l’Imagerie Cardiaque en Coupes.

L’année 2016 verra se concrétiser la diffusion de grandes avancées technologiques qui installent l’imagerie cardiaque comme un point central diagnostic et de la décision thérapeutique.

Deux thèmes seront particulièrement développés :
L’imagerie cardiaque 4D Flow en IRM
L’apport du scanner cardiaque en 1 battement.


Comme nouveauté 2016 : Des sessions pratiques : “Comment je fais ? ” seront proposées avec des questions-réponses entre l’assistance et les spécialistes.

Dans le cadre très convivivial de l’IMM plébiscité en 2015, venez échanger et apprendre avec les spécialistes. Also, if you are looking for a school for your child, you can contact the director of colleyville montessori.

J.F Paul
Institut Mutualiste Montsouris


Top 5 Reasons Why Online Learning Is Fast Growing

There are numerous challenges facing the traditional colleges and universities. These includes budget cuts, higher tuition, course shortages among others. Students have been left with no option other than to seek available alternatives. With million and millions of students presently enrolled in fully online degree programs, online learning has clearly become of age. It’s undisputedly the number one most popular education alternative. Additionally, the increasing reputation of online education has also helped accelerate its growth. High school graduates, as well as working professionals with the thirst to advance their careers, have many reasons to enroll for an online course. Besides, online institution credential is as valuable as one earned from the traditional university or college.e3r4tgrhyfgdfse

Some of the top 5 reasons why online learning is fast growing

Reduced overall costs

Given, online tuition fees for some courses can be abnormally high, learning online can significantly cut the cost of the overall college in several ways. Since a bigger percentage of learning is done online in which a student can learn everywhere including from the comfort of her home, there is a great saving since one doesn’t need to buy stationeries, pay for room and board, meal plans and transportation. Most of the materials used for learning online are readily available for download. All these arrangements help save billions of dollars.

Less pressure

Online ‘earning translates to doing almost everything without being monitored. Coursework, research and assignments are all done at the students’ disposal. The student this becomes the master of his time and learning schedule. Undertaking course work without the stern looking Professor breathing fire on your neck can be very exciting. It translates to less pressure. However, there isn’t room for laziness since assignments mist be handed over in time. The result, proper time management as well as organization. Also, no one will ever see how you’re fairing since everything is done in a secretive manner.

Credit transfers

A student can transfer his credits from the traditional college or university to the online program. This is allowed in situations where a student is unable to continue with her learning in a traditional college set up because of one reason or another. This arrangement is invaluable if a class is a prerequisite for graduation but isn’t offered the traditional college set up.

Greater flexibility

Regardless of unexpected life incidents, external conditions, or personal commitments, one can still complete online classes under the stipulated time. A student can sign in online at any time, check out the assignment due, study the next coursework unit and keep going. With such kind of flexibility, it’s pretty easy for a student to prioritize his time and work at his pace.

Increased ability to concentrate and enhanced interaction

der4ft5gyghftrfOne thing that’s for sure is that there’s contradictory evidence on the rate of online student participation against participation in the traditional classroom set-up. Online programs offer more reticent or shy students an opportunity to fully participate in charts or class discussions at ease than the traditional face-to-face set up reminiscent in traditional class sessions. No wonder, a bigger percentage of students, concur that participation is much easier and concentration is enhanced in online courses. The main reason being that there is a little distraction from other students as well as lecture hall activity.

Best Sources For Student Funding

Education is a need to survive in today’s world. However, some people end up not getting access to education to further their career goals because of financial reasons. Their parents or guardians may not be in a position to fund their education.

Here are some of the best sources of funding for students

Government funding

r45tytrgfeThis can be your home or host country governments. One can check with the Ministry of Education to confirm the available options. However, it is important to note that if one is an international student their options of government funding will be limited to some extent. For this reason, one should ensure that they exhaust their home government opportunities before considering host government. On a global perspective, government funding includes scholarships, education grants and student loans among others.

Universities or higher education institutions funding

Most of the universities offer some financial aid to their students especially the international ones. One can confirm this funding information online. One should ensure they apply on as many websites as possible especially the ones whose criteria for selection they fit to maximize their funding options.


These are one of the prestigious forms of financial aid for the students. They are not to be repaid, and most cover full tuition costs. Some cover partial tuition fees and living costs. It is important to note that these scholarships are mostly based on academic merit or sports abilities. They are also mainly for the students coming from certain backgrounds and have certain skills or interests. One just needs to find out which scholarship fits them as they apply to it.

Teaching and researching assistantships

These are mainly for those doing postgraduate studies which in turn exchange this with time they will spend teaching or doing research for the institution. The institution may provide the needed funding, or the Department of one’s supervisor may do so. It may also be funded by external parties who have interests in that field one will be required to research on. For those who use this means may be paid a salary or their tuition fees may be waivered.

Charities, trusts, special interest groups and learned societies

These groups often donate part of the budgets to fund mostly graduate studies. Some will fund the students working within their areas of interest. However, some also look at the students having financial challenges but have academic excellence. Mostly this type of funding is done once a year. When one is applying for this type of funding they should include the following in their applications; how your interests will be aligned to the needs of these groups, the challenges faced along your journey to excellence among others.

Employer contributions

r4t5yujyyhtgerThis mainly applies for those who are employed and are pursuing their postgraduate studies. One can talk to their employer and request them to sponsor their education. Most of the companies support staff development and have a budget set aside to cater for this. The employer will be motivated if whatever you are going to study will be in line with the further development of the company.

There are other forms include the student development loans and national research council scholarships which also help in funding the student’s education. If you come from a poor background, you have many chances to get educated.